In a space of two years, Lewis Capaldi one of Scotland’s foremost songwriters and singer has successfully transcended from an upcoming artist to becoming one of the country’s best and most popular star.

Lewis breakthrough came after his most popular track “Someone You Loved” which surprisingly spent 7 weeks at number one on the UK’s Top music chart. He released a follow up single afterwards, “Hold Me While You Wait”, the song also ranked number 4 on the UK top songs chart and had remained there on the chart ever since.

Obviously, in the last year, Lewis’s international reputation has greatly increased.

That particular song has greatly impacted the US music industry and has moved on to the “Billboard Hot Top 100 chart”, and also become a hit track in countries like Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland and more.

Capaldi released his album titled “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Existent” under the Virgin EMI/Capitol Records.

When he was asked about what the interviewer referred to as an emotional video (that looks more some having a heart transplant), he said the song video was motivated by the will to give and was done to encourage the act of organ donation, and the whole story was his idea.

Capaldi in the interview explains the idea behind his crafty album name title “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Existent”. He said it was a reference to his feeling of doubts while recording the album was what propelled the unique title.

According to him, he had some doubts about whether the song is going to be as good as others, he feared the song might not blend in with his repertoire; the album title actually came as a result of this fear.

But what about his songwriting process? In a recent interview for songwritinguniverse, he told the whole story. Curious, here’s a quote from the article:

I had the melody for the song…it was done and ready to go. At that point, I was at the end of writing my album. I felt I had reached the end, in terms of writing songs about an old relationship (laughs). I had been writing songs [about that relationship] for quite some time. So I decided not to finish that song and parked it.

Then I was lucky to get with TMS (the writing/producing trio of Tom “Froe” Barnes, Ben Kohn & Peter “Merf” Kelleher) and Romans, and we were working on this other song which was upbeat and very pop.

I said to them, “Look, I’ve got this other idea as well,” and I showed them the song I had with the melody. Then I said, “I don’t want to write about the same break-up. I want to write about the feeling of losing someone in general, and have the story be broader so that people could make their own story of it. And from there, we got this idea, and we were able to write it very quickly.

Certainly another testimony of the importance of having a great team to support your career.

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