Did you know that there are guerrilla techniques that you can actually use for songwriting?

A primary lesson

The primary issue is you would like a decent idea but you know that success is 10 per cent inspiration and 90 per cent perspiration. Perspiration as you know, it’s a lot of work.

Like any creative person, you’ll find yourself doing most of the work but this is not a downside, to be honest as Robert Rodriquez repeatedly points out, the only way to extremely make sure you’re obtaining what you want is to try and do it yourself.

You will need to learn all the small “processes” within the overall massive image process-learning your instrument, learning your tools for recording, learning your business procedure.

Whit all the work sometimes you can feel overwhelmed and tired, you can even start to think to abandon the idea of being a professional songwriter.

Genius is outlined by limitations but as we said initial spark is where it starts. To find that magic “idea” I would like to recommend to do morning pages

Morning pages yes or not?

“Morning Pages” directly from “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron (a book that I strongly suggest you) are a sort of diary where you write under the influence of a flow of consciousness. To do them there is not a formula you will create your own method. The purpose is to induce writing at once within the morning whereas your brain continues to be connected to your artistic subconscious.

I’ve tried this morning routine myself and I have to say it. It works, you feel more inspired, more open to the universe and to your true self. Write them first thing in the morning and don’t be afraid of repetitions or banal concept it’s all about digging deeper to find YOUR gold.

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