10 songwriting mistakes to avoid

A little particular can kill the effectiveness of your song. This post will reveal ten common songwriting mistakes.

You have just finished recording your hit song, but something is not right, and you can’t tell exactly what it is all about.

To the best of your knowledge the lyrics are great, the chords are okay, and the melody is perfect. You begin to imagine why it’s pretty hard to diagnose the weakness in your recording.

This is a list of 10 common mistakes to avoid:

  • When our chorus lyrics and the verse are the same

Far from it! They are entirely different as chorus lyrics describes emotions and reactions while verse lyrics describe situations and

  • When our chord progressions are not respecting harmony rules

All your chord progressions need to give a sense of direction as if they are moving away from a tonic chord and going back again to it. If you pick chords out of thin air, your music will sound coarse and confusing.

  • When your melodies lack a unique shape

Chorus melodies should be higher in pitch than verse melodies. Constructing your verse and chorus melodies from the same 4 to 5 notes, it can make your songs sound boring.

  • No plans towards the song’s musical energy

It is a fundamental principle that the level of energy at the end of a song should be higher than the beginning level.

  • When the form of your song is absent

The structure of your song will enable your audience to make sense of your music. Listeners will get bored when they can’t tell the direction your song is going next. And this only happens when your music is structured haphazardly.

  • When there is no difference between your newest song and the previous one

Your songs will annoyingly have some similarities if you create them all using the same instrument.

  • There is no climactic moment in your song

There should be a moment in your songs that are outstanding from the rest. It can be anywhere in your song.

  • When you have an uninteresting song instrumentation

Don’t make the mistake of using the same sounds and instruments for every song. There are many ways of playing the guitar to produce different hits.

  • Song sections that are too long

Music sections that are too long can be boring for the listener. And that creates the need to make the most of the short sections to produce great melodies.

  • Lack of a solid melody in instrumental music

Contrary to most beliefs, an instrumental need melody the same way the vocal line needs it.

What are the most common mistakes in your opinion? Please tell us in the comment section

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  1. “No plans towards the song’s musical energy.” What does this mean? Drum parts? hmmm Interesting, just need clarification – Thanks! D.

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    I look forward to exploring this site. Every little thing that makes us better is of value. I hope to share, learn, and collaborate.
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