producers are songwriters

There’s a significant change in the music industry. Producer’s old duty of creating music has been revolutionised and redefined.

Traditionally, when visiting a music studio, you may find the band, the artist, the audio engineer, the manager and other musical professionals.

These were the traditional tools needed to produce great music. Now, throw all that away. Think of what can be accomplished by a single person using just a Macbook.

With a digital audio workstation (DAW) such as Fruity Loops or Ableton, few cheap-to-free VSTs/Plugins, some royalty-free sample packs, and a musical ear, music can be created by laptop producers as they now have all the tools they need.

Also, consider the latest news about Spotify accepting artist uploads directly and cheap digital music companies in saturated markets. How does this affect the music industry, and how does it help a music producer?

With all these, we can agree to the fact that producers are also songwriters. As a producer, securing music publishing rights can grow your business to greater heights.


Music ownership can also be made possible through music publishing. If you produce a song and the song is released, it creates publishing royalties.

If the song was composed by you (the producer), then the publishing rights are owned by you, and therefore you can claim royalties from this ownership.

Furthermore, if this is the case, everything is negotiable between you as a producer and the artist. All creators should understand what publishing rights is all about and use it to their advantage.


This is very important to beat leaders and creators. Ensure to maintain and register publishing ownership whenever you let your beat to be used by others. If this isn’t done, you might end up producing a hit without getting rightfully paid for it.

Also, consider the fact that you can distribute your product whenever you want. People also enjoy listening to instrumentals.

When listeners frequently play your music on Spotify, it will help Spotify recognise when listeners like your music and will help them find your listener base. Locate that hard drive, complete your beats, and get them out!


Today, music is more fun than ever. Now, an independent artist can produce, release, and make cool cash from music while still having complete ownership. Big businesses and taskmasters do not decide the terms any more.

We, the songwriters, the producers, the people, can now promote our music whenever and however we want, we have the freedom to develop our music to consumers digitally.

This creates an avenue for new movements, new subgenres, new communities, and new sounds to find their way around the world and end up in the ears of new listeners and subscribers.

Producers are also songwriters in their way. Ensure to negotiate publishing percentages wherever you can. Maintain and register publishing ownership to get your hands on the proper amount of money too!

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