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Musicians spend most of their time working on their songwriting skills. To musicians, every project is a new way to get better at songwriting. Although there isn’t a pill that can help us write unique songs, there is a wide range of what we can do to get better at it.

Below, we have compiled the major songwriting tips to help you write great and better songs. Hopefully, you will benefit from the songwriting tips below.


When it comes to songwriting, the first piece of your song is critical. This serves as a kickoff that will lead the rest of your lyrics.

Do you always start things off with a melody or a chord progression? Do you want your music to be built around a particular drum pattern? Well, however you want it, deciding where to start from is of great importance as this will pave the way for you when writing a song.


As musicians, we often criticise and doubt ourselves. Freely expressing yourself as a musician is one of the toughest things to master. It is better to write a song when having a simple and clear expression than being focused on having a hit record.

Make mistakes, get it wrong over and over again, and you will end up getting it right. Most importantly, expressing yourself will help you grow into an artist with confidence.


Recording your moments of inspiration help a lot with songwriting. We get more ideas when we are busy at work, with friends, on holidays, and even when we are going about our daily activities. Though inappropriate, always use inspirational moments to your advantage.

Always ensure to have a voice recorder close by, this will allow you to record all new ideas you come up with. Also try as much as you can to have a notepad around to pen down lyrics and new thoughts.

Seize advantage of the inspirational moment, and you might end up coming up with beautiful lyrics for your song!


This is what all lyrics should represent. Writing what you know will help you flow better when writing a new song. This is an excellent way of keeping things natural and simple.

You will find out that most of the greatest lyrics of all times were written from experience. Songs written from joyous moments, loss and heartbreak are usually the best.


Working with other musicians always turn out to be a great idea. When learning the fundamentals of songwriting, you can get inspired by seeing other musicians around you. Working with a musician is one of the best ways to write an excellent and unique song. (Need more strategies? Click here)

And last but not least of our 6 songwriting tips tips you can’t afford to miss


Don’t overwork yourself! When luck is on our side, songs tend to write themselves. If you turn out to be lucky, then sit back and trust your creative feeling and stay away from over editing of parts or sections. Being committed to your creative intuition might end up leaving you with brand new ideas you wouldn’t have even thought of.

Songwriting doesn’t have to be difficult. We hope that these tips make things easier for you when embarking on your songwriting journey.

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