using social media as a songwriter

As songwriters, we dream of being heard through our music. And while there are so many available ways to display your talent nowadays, social media has turned out to be among the most influential and utilised method.

So how does one effectively and creatively utilise social media to get more attention as a songwriter? Below are three practical ways to use social media as a songwriter:


Knowing your audience is one thing, but knowing where they are is another. Do you plan on getting the attention of adults or children? If this is the case, then you need to be acquainted with YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Is it the attention of the ladies you want? You will need to find out ways to cleverly use Pinterest. Do you want to get the attention of platform personalities or companies? Then Twitter is probably the best place to visit.

In other words, sign up on many social media platforms. Although you may want to be an active user on a particular platform, never underestimate the benefits that come with other social media platforms.


After getting the attention of your audience and knowing the various social media platforms, the next thing to do will be to develop a good social media strategy. Do not just use social media as a songwriter, make the best out of them for your career. To do so you need strategy!

Try to find out the steps songwriters and artists are taking to meet new people on social media platforms. Then you can go ahead and create your methods and styles into images, videos, and posts that will help in selling your art and brand (also you will be able to find great collaborators online).

However, try as much as you can to include some of your work when uploading pictures, posts, videos and images on social media channels – also includes dates if you can.

Furthermore, ensure to have a friendly vibe with your audience. Offer discounts, comment back, follow back, stay connected to other songwriters and artist too. Most importantly, always engage with followers and fans.


When you use your social media as a songwriter you need to Ensure that your product is a high-quality producti (more on having high-quality songs HERE). Share and promote only the best of the best. You can’t deceive your audience, and they will notice something is wrong as soon as they view or listen to your piece.

When creating a video, ensure that it comes with the highest visual and audio quality. You can go ahead and hire the services of a professional graphic designer or get registered in a graphic design program to help you produce better memes, flyers, and videos.

Whenever you feel like something is wrong with a video, picture, or post, make sure you get it quickly fixed before making an upload.

The above-listed ways of using social media as a songwriter can help you a lot. If you can study and adapt to them, you would increase your chances of being a successful songwriter.

Don’t hesitate to seize advantage of using social media in your career as a songwriter. Hard work always turns out to be useful; promote yourself through social media and benefit from it.

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