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When it comes to songwriting there is always a certain misterious curtain around it. The thing is, if you want to be a professional songwriter (and let me tell you also a singer and a producer, because in 2019 you need to master those skills), you have to put in strategies to keep the work rollin’ also when you don’t feel like that.

Make a specific time to write

Like every job you need to set apart a specific time to reach your goal. It could be an hour a day or three hours a week but you need to have your time well organised otherwise you will remain just another amateur.

Write fast edit last 

It is time to challenge yourself. As artists very often we have strict deadlines and also we are not able to deliver our songs when needed. Remember a lot of great songs have been written in a very short time. Set your timer to ten minutes and try to came up with 4 chords and a melody. Now repeat the process 5 times. Choose the best one and develop your song.

The liberty of the limitations 

Avoid to sit immediately in front of your computer. Instead use just your hands and your guitar or piano to develop the first draft of the song. Being limited will force you to be more creative and something new and original will pop up in your mind, believe me.

Change the key or tempo.

Sometimes if a song does not work it is just a “matter of time”. BPM and Key are a very strong element in a song, they can determine success or failure for a composition.

Use another instrument

This is the simplest way to have a new perspective. If you are a pianist try to pick up a guitar and play some simple chords. Try out new instruments from time to time and you will end up with something interesting.

Try new sounds

We live in the magical era of the computer music. Using little sounds here and there will spice up your production.

Use Spotify as your secret weapon

Every Friday set aside at least one hour to listen to these playlists: New Music Friday, Viral 50 and Top 50. Discover which is the sound in the charts right now and try to add your twist on it during your writing sessions.

Write elsewhere

Change is the key word of this article. The thing is, f you are not feeling inspired also a simple change of landscape a little trip near your home city, will make your muse flourish again.

A good song needs some rest 

Do not insist on the same song for a long period. When you finish it let it rest in your closet a few days, like every good dough it needs time to become the perfect pizza, plus you will have your mind clear before you have to decide what to do with the song.

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