invest in knowledge instead

The first thing to note while setting up a home recording studio is that you don’t have to acquire all the expensive gear, and multi-million dollar facility to make it work. With the advancement in today’s technology, you can easily create professional sounds and record your lyrics in the comfort of your home and with a little budget. Here is how it goes.

You will need a computer

You do not need a Mac Pro ladened with all specification and could cost you a lot, but you still do not need a computer decked with the Windows 95 from the ’90s. Anything in between will do a great job. Since the computer will be the basis of your operations, you got to have a good one to prepare your studio.

Purchase a recording software

This represents the interface through which you will manage the recordings on your computer. I’d say that today standard for songwriters is still Logic pro X for Apple users and Cubase for PC.

Install an audio interface

An audio interface allows you to connect your microphone and instruments to your computer using a mixer. In today landscape you have plenty of good choices at a very low price. Technology allows us to create almost anywhere in the world with just a notebook and an USB audio device. One of the best and cheapest for us is Audient iD4, the perfect solution for songwriters

Decide on the microphone to use

You can manage your home recording studio with just one mic. Remember vocals are one of the most important part of a production. A good solution would be an AKG C214, not so expensive but it will bring you the right amount of quality, believe me.

Buy a pair of home studio monitor

This is the only thing I should suggest to spend a bit more on. A good pair of home studio monitor will help you to reach your sonic vision and make better mixes. Which one you should consider? There are a very good and portable pair called iLoud.

Now you know how to set up a home recording studio with ease. The fact is that such a move is not always right.

So, how can you spend your money in the best possible way? Our idea is that gear is important but it is not as important as studying your subject.

There are plenty of courses on songwriting, music production and also one-one-to-one lessons you could take to become better at what you do.

So, start with a cheap studio and invest in knowledge is the best way to change your career for good!


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