songwriting software to check out

There are a lot of DAW from which you can choose from, but what about songwriting softwares?

A song has a way of soothing the mind while bringing forth an array of emotions. But creating a perfect song (more on this here) goes more than just a paper and pen. A good songwriting software is all you need to get started.

They come with features and background synonymous to that which a real band provides.  Most of these software comes with inbuilt dictionaries and words as well as rhythms to enable you to write a song effectively. Songwriting software helps you create songs on the go. What is the five best songwriting software you mustn’t fail to check out? Let’s find out!


As the name suggests, the Easy Songwriter is an easily programmed songwriting software that provides a detailed guide to help you create your first song. It also provides background features for artists who don’t have a band yet or can’t play a musical instrument.

The Easy Songwriter also enables you to create demo tracks just like in the studio. It has special reverb effects and features a multi-track recorder.


This is probably the best songwriting software for beginners. It is also a great option for DJs and beat creators. It has numerous features that any music lover will marvel at, for instance; its 1600 powerful sounds, preset and sound templates, construction kits and effects tracks.


This is an all-in-one songwriting application that supports all your music needs. It features include a sing database, a dictionary for rhyming words and several editing tools. You don’t need to combine it with other applications because the software gives you all you will need to create your hit song on the go. The unique aspect is that Lyricist enables you to copyright your songs anytime online.


MasterWriter is a dictionary music software that can be used by both songwriters and poets. It has a unique rhyme dictionary, word organization and every other thing that makes songwriting a pleasant experience.


This is one of the best songwriting software that also provides unique features that makes songwriting a breeze. It comes with rhyme dictionary and editing features that enable you to enhance the quality of your songs easily. You can also share your songs or export them via mail.

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