Every time I was asked to collaborate (at least the first few years) I was always a bit scared. I was often against it. In fact, I would almost always say NO! Collaborations are scary but looking back at it today I would say that I was an Introvert and that certainly that attitude did not do me good.

Do not get me wrong, I’m still very careful when I choose my work team but being open now is fundamental to me. And I discovered a fantastic thing; Very often 1 + 1 = INFINITE POSSIBILITIES


Discuss percentages in advance. It is very important. I know it sounds harsh but there is nothing worse than having a wonderful song and don’t put it out because you cannot find an agreement. Believe me, I’ve been there. (More on songwriting rights splitting here )

Show up on time and ready to work. We are professionals, not Sunday’s songwriters. We need to behave properly.  Collaborations are also a form of self-advertisement, what do you think the other guy will say to the others after you have shown up two hours later and drunk?

Make a plan to promote the song. Your collaboration cannot finish when you master the song. unless you are working for a well-established artist everyone needs to do his part promoting the song through his socials and contacts. In the end, if the song will be successful you will be too.


The result of a collaboration is not pure mathematics, it is as if the talents involved when in contact with each other are transformed, multiplied, in short, magical things happen!

Are you open to collaboration? Or have you decided that you like to do everything alone?

I’d like to know your thoughts here in the comments!

“The trick is to get back to when you’re the kid writing songs with your mates”

Benjamin Leftwich

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